book reading by BÁRBARA SANTOS

Friday, April 12 | 6:30PM
Glorya Kaufman Hall | UCLA


Bárbara Santos is a sociologist, actress, theatre director and practitioner and expert of the method of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). She worked with Augusto Boal - creator of TO - for two decades as general coordinator at Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the conception and development of Legislative Theater and Aesthetics of the Oppressed. She currently lives in Germany where is the Artistic Director of KURINGA – space for Theatre of the Oppressed in Berlin. She designed and is the coordinator of the KURINGA Theatre of the Oppressed Qualification Programme, which had the external evaluation of the Faculty of Education of the Bologna University (Italy). She is the artistic director of KURINGA FESTIVAL. Santos is one of the creators, the main researcher and diffuser of the Madalena Laboratory – an innovative aesthetic investigation about the mechanisms of oppression faced by women and based on the techniques of the Aesthetics of the Oppressed.  She is founder of Ma(g)dalena International Network composed by feminist theatre groups from Latin America, Europe and Africa, and a member of ITI Germany (International Theatre Institute of UNESCO) and editor of Metaxis CTO magazine about Theatre of the Oppressed. Bárbara Santos is author of two books: Theatre of the Oppressed, Roots and Wings: a theory of the praxis (Portuguese, 2016; Spanish, 2017; Italian, 2018) and Aesthetic Paths - original approaches on Theatre of the Oppressed (Portuguese, 2018).