Filmmakers: Adnan Khan, Shadeed Wallace-Stepter, Lawrence Pela
Produced by the Restore Justice Firstwatch Program
35 mins.

Saturday, April 13th at 4 PM
Location | Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium
Q&A and Discussion to follow the program.


“The Path to Parole – The Time of Your Lifer” was created entirely by men in Restore Justice’s FirstWatch media program at San Quentin State Prison. It includes the voices and stories of men at the prison and the long journey to leave prison. It explains the difference between people who have to be found suitable by the parole board, and those who have determinate sentencing. The men discuss how the culture within prison has changed over time, and how criminal justice reform has impacted them. They share the rehabilitative work they have done, and their preparation to go before the board of parole. The film asks viewers to contemplate why we incarcerate people -is it only about punishment and retribution, or rehabilitation and the possibility of healing?

about the filmmakers


Adnan Khan (returned home from San Quentin State Prison on Jan. 18, 2019)
I committed my crime at age 18. I take full responsibility for my harmful actions. I have served over 15 years of a 25-TO-LIFE sentence. I am the Founder of FirstWatch, a media project shot, cut, and scored entirely by currently incarcerated men. I am also the Chairman of SQUIRES, a program for community youth. I am a filmmaker, creating stories from my worldview, with the hope of using my platform not just to mentor youth, but also provide success opportunities for our neglected children.


Shadeed Wallace-Stepter (returned home from San Quentin State Prison in Dec. 2018)
I’m 36 years old and I was born in San Francisco, the middle child of four brothers. In 2018, I was granted a commutation by Governor Jerry Brown and was able to return home after serving 20 years of a 27 year-to-life prison sentence for assault with a firearm and attempted robbery, a crime I committed my junior year in high school. The person I was when I committed my crime is a far cry from who I am now. Since 2011, I worked with San Quentin Television as a content developer where I’ve produced a number of audio and video projects.


Lawrence Pela (currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison)
I’m Lawrence. I’ve been incarcerated for 11 years and I’m so much more than someone sentenced to 46 years for armed robbery. I’m a writer who enjoys laughing with friends until my cheeks hurt. I’m a student who uses kind words to show the love of God. An uncle who advocates for stories to be told in their authentic voices. I’m a human being who believes bringing everyone back together is our first step towards success.

Philip Melendez is the Los Angeles Outreach Associate for Re:store Justice. Phil returned home in September of 2017. While inside, he facilitated many self-help and restorative programs, mentored neglected and traumatized youth, and organized numerous events linking community members with incarcerated people at San Quentin. He's passionate about sharing his experience and the knowledge he acquired along his journey to ensure that no one takes that same path.