Produced by Brave New Films
Year of Release: 2018
23 mins.

Saturday, April 13th at 4 PM.
Location | Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium
Q&A and Discussion to follow the program.


Dives into the inner struggle of former gang members whose historically marginalized neighborhoods inevitably lead to an anger that resulted in a criminal lifestyle and landed them in prison. Upon their release, these former gang members found their redemption with Homeboy Industries, Father Greg Boyle, and the many re-integrating programs offered through the Los Angeles-based organization.

Healing Trauma: Beyond Gangs and Prisons follows the transformative stories of some of these former gang members as they share their childhood mental and physical abuse, growing up in the gang lifestyle, and the hope they now have through the healing power of therapy reflecting the one of many ways reentry as a part of abolition.